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About polar coding

Polar coding is a novel channel coding scheme which has been introduced by Erdal Arıkan at Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey).
Polar codes allow a transmission approaching Shannon's bound for large block sizes and are the first capacity-achieving codes that can be successively decoded.
For further details about polar coding exceeding the extend of this website refer to the paper Channel polarization: A method for constructing capacity-achieving codes for symmetric binary-input memoryless channels (PDF, 502 KB) by E. Arıkan or further literature about polar coding in the arXiv.org library.

About this website

This web page briefly explains the polar coding scheme by using the transform that was proposed by Arıkan and the successive cancellation decoding scheme. It consists of a php applet which allows the user to perform the different steps subsequently. Moreover it offers a short tutorial describing the different steps which can be accessed by clicking on the respective blocks.

The calculations have been programmed in PHP but the client needs to have JavaScript enabled in order to run it.

About the author

This website is the result of my project work during my exchange semester at the École Polytechnique der Lausanne (Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology) in autumn 2009.
The project is part of my diploma studies in "Systems of Information and Multimedia Technology" at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany).

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